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07-410 Tobolice

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August 31, 2021

LEDIN already in the new headquarters.

There is no better form of integration in the summer than having a barbecue together. We also adopted this assumption by organizing the LEDIN company picnic. We met not only because we like each other in private and maintain contacts after work. We had one more important reason: the first stage of our move had just ended – we moved the office part of the company to its new headquarters – at Dębowa 1 Street in Tobolice.

So we had a chance to celebrate! We met on Saturday, August 18. On that day, apart from being in a good mood, we also took our loved ones to the company square. The youngest had a great time sliding down the inflatable slide or playing in the ball pool. For lovers of sweets waiting: cotton candy and croissants. Another attraction were delicious grilled dishes, among them … a specialty according to the president’s recipe.