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LEDIN Group Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to ensure that its products are of the highest quality. The seller expresses the hope that the purchased product will function appropriately throughout its stated life-span. In the event of a failure or defect, please follow the instructions below to improve after-sales service. LEDIN Group Sp. z o.o. provides technical support by phone at +48(29) 764-77-00 and electronically at Any defects should be reported to a service technician, who will be able to make a preliminary diagnosis and assessments. If it is not possible to determine the causes of the equipment malfunction using one of the above methods or if direct engagement of our service technician is required, a technician or your account manager shall provide information on further action. A defective product may be hand-delivered directly to the Seller’s premises or sent to the Seller’s address by post/courier after prior contact with the technical support department or a dedicated account manager.

1. The right to replace certain goods

The Buyer has the right to replace a purchased product if:

    a) The goods concerned have a manufacturing defect;

    b) The goods received are not compatible with the order and are not as stated on the proof of purchase document (VAT invoice, receipt);

        i. If lack of conformity concerns the colour or type of the product ordered, the complaint will be accepted only if the product has been unused (the product must not bear any signs or traces of installation);

        ii. If lack of conformity concerns the quantity of products in the consignment, the complaint must be lodged within 2 days of receiving the consignment. The Seller shall subsequently verify the contents of the sent package based on the CCTV footage and inventory data.

    c) The goods concerned are lacking the key features and are not in accordance with the description;

    d) The goods concerned are not suitable for the purpose of which the Consumer intended to obtain the product. However, the Consumer must have informed the Seller of the purpose which the goods concerned are bought for at the time of concluding the contract, and the Seller must have not objected to such a purpose.

The meaning of “manufacturing defect” shall not extend to any defects or damages which were duly communicated to the Buyer prior to the purchase taking place. Having regards to the above, the Buyer has no right to complain about defective products or any obvious damages which the Buyer was informed of at the time of concluding a contract.

2. Complaints procedure:

Step 1: Filling in and signing the complaints protocol (return of goods form).
• Prior to the complaint being filed we respectfully ask to fill in the return of goods form which then needs to be sent to the account manager or a service technician by email or post.

Step 2: Lodging the complaint.
• The complaint can be filed either online via our website: or by e-mail at / or directly to the account manager.

Step 3: Sending the goods to the Seller’s address
• The goods which are complained about shall be delivered at the complainer’s costs to the Seller’s address together with a duly completed return of goods form. The goods shall be posted and delivered to:

Dębowa 1,
07-410 Tobolice,
woj. mazowieckie,

3. Complaints lodged outside the Republic of Poland

The complaints procedure at Para. 2 above applies complaints filed within and outside the territory of the  Republic of Poland, but within the European Economic Area. Any complaints lodged from outside of the EU area shall be discussed individually with a dedicated account manager or a service technician.

4. Timescales

We shall commence investigating the complaint as soon as possible but not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

5. Seller’s obligations

If the complaint is considered and resolved in favour of the Buyer, the Seller undertakes to:

– Repair the product;

– Replace the product with a full-fledged substitute item(s) if repairing is not possible;

– Reduce the price of the product

– Offer full reimbursement in the event of a “material defect”.

6. Seller’s rights

If the Buyer requires that their complaint is resolved on one of the four manners specified at Para. 5 above, the Seller may refuse to deal with the complaint in the following events:

– If it is disproportionate and unreasonable for the Seller to act in the manner specified by the Buyer;

– If the costs are disproportionally excessive compared to the option proposed by the Seller.

7. Reimbursement of costs (return shipment)

If the complaint is considered and resolved in favour of the Buyer, the Seller shall bear the courier’s costs of the return shipment.

8. Refund

If the Seller decides to issue a refund for the benefit of the Buyer, the monies shall be transferred by a bank transfer in accordance with the Buyer’s instructions within 14 days from the date of credit note being issued.

9. Disclaimer

Please note the photographs of the products which appear at the Seller’s website are for illustration purposes only and any discrepancies between the actual (physical) product and the photograph arising from, for example, individual settings of the Buyer’s computer (difference in colour, size, proportions, etc.) may not give the basis for a valid complaint.

10. Unfounded complaints

In all cases where a complaint is unfounded the Buyer may, within 14 days of receiving the decision from the service technicians, seek the return of the product, which will be returned to the Buyer only at the Buyer’s request, at the expense of the Buyer.

11. Loss of consignment during transport

In the circumstances when a consignment is lost during transport the complaints procedure can be initiated after 14 days from the date of order dispatch.