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LEDIN 2010-2021

We are a group of people whose passion is to create innovative lighting products in which we use modern LED technology. We deliver our products under the LED Line® and LEDOM brands, which are recognizable both in Poland and in other European countries. Our offer includes modern LED light sources, as well as power supplies, profiles and control systems. Please contact us – our technical support department will be happy to answer all your questions.



  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Trust


We create human-friendly light. We care about the satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers by cooperating with the best partners.


We create and supply our clients with the highest quality LED light sources that comply with European standards. Our products are based on innovative technology that guarantees comfort and safety for the eyes of users.


Maintaining the highest quality standards is our priority. This is evidenced by our products, as well as their reliable service and professional customer service.


LEDIN – we are close to people

For many years, we have been pleased to engage in charity campaigns and numerous pro-ecological activities. Since 2014, we have been honored to co-finance the Motoserce campaign, whose task is to spread the idea of blood donation.

We also support our local community by donating funds for the organization of estate fairs by estate councils in our city, Ostrołęka.

We are happy to participate in many cultural activities, incl. in the organization of the “Night of Museums” by the Kurpie Culture Museum in Ostrołęka.

Our employees are happy to initiate many valuable social campaigns, including annual preparation of the Noble Package and collection of products for the inhabitants of an animal shelter.

LEDIN – a nature-friendly company

We are a company that has for many years complied with all regulations that affect the safety and health of people and the environment. Pursuant to the Act of September 11, 2015 (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1688), we only hand over waste electrical and electronic equipment to appropriate processing plants.

Our numerous pro-ecological activities translate into the participation of LEDIN in the Nature-Friendly Company program. Environmental protection is and will certainly continue to be a very important element of our daily activities.



The history of our company begins and the LED line® brand is created.
In January 2011, the first products with the LED line® logo appeared on the market. As the first in Poland, we have introduced innovative LED strips 150 and LED strips 600 with SMD3528 diodes, which are now considered a standard when it comes to LED light sources. The first models of light sources with GU10 mounting have also joined our offer.
This is an important stage in our activity, because it was during this period that we introduced MULTIWHITE ™ LED strips to the market, in which a special LED solution was used, currently protected by a patent in the European Union. The tapes we have created allow you to freely adjust the color temperature in the range of 3200-7000K, for which special LED controllers are used.
In 2014, as the first in Poland, we created solutions based on FILAMENT LEDs. At the same time, we created our export department to handle the first foreign partners. 2014 is also the year in which we tried to emphasize our presence on the lighting market more and more by participating in the International Fair of Lighting Equipment – LIGHT in Warsaw.
The next milestone in our activity was the use of four independent light emitting chips in one SMD diode, which we managed to achieve in 2015. Importantly, thanks to this pioneering type of LED, we have managed to create a flexible RGBW LED strip, which allows (using special controllers) to comfortably choose any light color from the RGB color palette and intense white light with high parameters.
We integrate our internal LEDIN product platform with the sales platforms of our trading partners. In this way, our clients and contractors gain access to the database in real time and have access to the current inventory, as well as descriptions and technical information.

We receive funding from the European Union under the ROP WM 2014-2020, to which our project contributed: “Professionalization and improvement of the quality of LED line® products by ensuring constant control of photometric and electromagnetic parameters in our own research laboratory”.

At the same time, we were the first in Poland to introduce light sources based on CSP (chip scale package) diodes, which are characterized by low thermal resistance and the possibility of placing the diode on a ceramic housing. Thanks to this, our LEDs are able to work at higher current values, thus guaranteeing high light efficiency and long-term reliability of lighting.

In 2017, in UFO High Bay lamps, we installed LUMILEDS LEDs in the version with increased light efficiency LUXEON 3030, which allowed us to achieve the luminous efficiency of the entire luminaire at the level of 120 lm / W.


Our online store has undergone a complete metamorphosis and has been transformed into a B2B platform, which since then brings together only trading partners.

What’s more, we were the first in Poland to use graphene in the construction of LED lamps, which is now becoming a lighting standard.

In order to maintain good relations with our partners, we first appeared as an exhibitor at the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt am Main.

Numerous achievements and progress in the development of our company meant that in 2018 we changed the headquarters of LEDIN to a space with an area of 3500 m2, 140 m2 of which is occupied by our LED line® Light Research and Measurement Center with an EMC measurement stand, showroom, service and service room. production, office space and storage rooms with high storage racks. Our new seat was officially opened in the presence of representatives of the city of Ostrołęka and the Rzekuń commune.

Our LED line® Light Research and Measurement Center is officially launched, where the R&D department constantly implements new products, tests them and adjusts their parameters to the quality standards set by LEDIN.
We are actively working on creating a new image of our brands on the web. A new website for the LED line® and LEDOM brands has been launched. In the same year, we started designing a new warehouse in Tobolice.

The management board of our company LEDIN Sp. z o.o. grows – Mateusz Sztemberg, a longtime employee of our company, joins him.

We become the sole distributor on the Polish market of the Merrytek brand, a world leader in the supply of advanced lighting sensors.

2021 is a breakthrough in sales activities for us – we have decided to abandon retail customer service through e-commerce channels, and to launch an advanced B2B platform for wholesale customers.

In August 2021, it is also planned to launch a new warehouse in Tobolice, which will accommodate over 850 pallet places.