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August 31, 2021


They are used to control LED lighting in private spaces. These devices are operated using a remote control or a smartphone with the TUYA Smart application installed, thus ensuring easy pairing and intuitive control via the Wi-Fi network.

What makes the VARIANTE LED Controller different?

The undeniable advantage of the controller is the ability to easily control LED lighting both inside and outside the house. This equipment is made of high-quality materials, resistant to changing weather conditions (the temperature range is from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius).

We have prepared several variants of controllers in our offer, thanks to which customers can choose what LED strip they want to control ( DIM , CCT , RGB or RGBW ). Such a large selection allows not only to change the color of the LED strip, but also to dim or brighten the strips, adjust the color temperature and obtain a warm or cool shade of white, as well as create effects such as flashing, smudging or smooth color transitions.

We encourage you to download the TUYA Smart application for your smartphone and see the offer of our controllers VARIANTE LED Controller . For more information about the products, please contact our sales department.