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August 31, 2021

RGB + W LED garlands controlled by the TUYA application.

LEDOM RGB + W garlands can be used in winter as a Christmas decoration, and in summer as a garden, gazebo or terrace decoration

Economical solutions:

  • wide beam angle of 240 ° disperses light around each source creating a pleasant glow and without glare
  • thanks to the tightness IP65 you can use them both indoors and outside the building
  • shades are made of PMMA , which is highly transparent in visible light, is resistant to shattering and UV rays. .
    You need to buy a dedicated power supply for each Garland to connect it to the 100-240V AC supply voltage.

  • LEDOM 24W WIFI power supply TUYA is made of polycarbonate,
  • airtightness class IP65 , < / li>
  • with the power of 24W ,
  • it can be attached to five 5m garlands and two – 10m
  • < p> Durability of 20,000 lighting hours and a two-year product warranty