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March 2, 2022 — Helping to find accommodation for the Ukrainian nationals

The dramatic events occurring in the Ukraine in the previous week surprised and depressed us. However, we are proud of our compatriots’ response to our Neighbours’ suffering, of their immediate mobilisation and immense willingness to help.

Our sense of responsibility and the need to get involved in helping the Ukraine made us create a tool, in cooperation with Agencja WMC and the President of Ostrołęka, Łukasz Kulik, to provide local government authorities with information on accommodation offered to the Ukrainian refugees by Poles.

The main concept behind the platform creation was to facilitate the operations of the local government authorities who have to cope with much information caused by the multitude of help offers from Poles. Following consultations with local government authorities and then with the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, our tool got the recommendation of the Polish government.

The platform developed by us, i.e.,, receives thousands of new accommodation offers every day which we pass to relevant local government authorities so that they may manage them using their own user panel. The solutions guarantee absolute anonymity of the accommodation offerers and easy navigation for the local government operators.

We work 100% non-profit, and our only purpose is to help the Ukrainian nationals. We are happy that we can help you and contribute to ensuring safe accommodation to our Neighbours in need.