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February 18, 2022

International LIGHT trade show – 2022

At the end of January, Warsaw hosted another, 29th edition of the international LIGHT trade show. We couldn’t miss it! We were presented with an opportunity to meet our clients after a long break, so we took it eagerly.

Out trade show booth was prepared with our guests in mind: we showed as many products as possible to go over functionalities and applications using specific examples. Our visitors paid great attention to our new COB Strips and industrial fixtures. The VARIANTE controllers, which took a separate section of our booth, were also met with significant interest. On the prepared presenters, we showed how to install and mount the controllers.

We made every effort to provide comfort to people visiting our booth: we offered snacks and the space adapted for conversations. What brings us the most joy is the fact that visitors were numerous and eager. We could use the most of our time to talk with them and show them functionalities of our products. Our company’s representation was prepared to serve both domestic and foreign customers. Besides our Polish business partners, we had an opportunity to talk with visitors from Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy, among others. We also hosted entrepreneurs from Kazakhstan who, apart from being at our booth, also visited our headquarters in Ostrołęka. We explored the event more broadly in another post.

As part of the training element of our trade meeting, our company’s experts showed the innovative Daylight Harvesting system – the technology using daylight to make electric lighting more sustainable. The presentation was also open to the event’s participants. At the meeting for our Kazakh guests, we had an opportunity to present our content again.

Our product – the VARIANTE series – was granted the organizer’s distinction in the control units & controllers category. We are hugely satisfied with the fact that our efforts to provide the users of our products with top quality and user experience were appreciated.


During the trade show we had an opportunity to refresh the contacts with our clients, talk to people whom we typically reach over the phone or e-mail, and to do some networking. We believe that the meeting will have strengthening effect on relations with our partners and help us make some new, promising acquaintances. We’re eagerly looking forward to our next meeting opportunities!