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August 31, 2021

Integration of your commercial offer with the LEDIN product database


Online Stock ? the integration of the warehouse system with the database of the online store enables constant updating of stock levels, which gives a huge time saving in the implementation and control of assortment items.

On Time product news ? Products added to the offer automatically appear in the online store, thanks to which customers can immediately get to know and buy them, which gives them an advantage over the competition.

< p style = "text-align: justify;"> Performance improvement ? Integration improves many business processes, reduces the involvement of human resources and the possibility of errors. This reduces operational costs and improves the quality of service and communication with the customer.

Increase customer satisfaction ? Ease of obtaining the most up-to-date information about products, availability, price, etc., thus increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

The offer is addressed to the current and new business partners of LEDIN Sp. z o.o. NS. k.

What customers gain from integration:

  • automatic download of the full product offer with EAN codes
  • automatic offer update
  • inventory control,
  • current catalog prices of products

We provide the offer in standardized data formats:

  • CSV
  • XLS

as generated and updated url link daily. In this way, we try to ensure that our business partners are compatible with as many external systems as possible.

States update 4 times a day:

  • first update 08:10,
  • second update 11:10,
  • third update 14:10
  • fourth update 17:10

What product information is exported to offer files?

  • product code,
  • product name,
  • category,
  • EAN code,
  • inventory ,
  • gross and net list price.

As a producer and owner of the LED line brand? we focus on the innovation of our solutions. We have tried to standardize the integration processes in such a way that you can monitor the current stock level of our commodity base and manage the releases of ordered goods, ensuring that there will be no sale of goods that you do not have in stock. Our goal was to create a professional integration that will provide you with 100% correct and maintenance-free inventory updates.

Do not wait, just now use the tools for importing and updating the database of goods built into your store. Offer the customer only those goods that are available!
We encourage you to use the module, which can be a perfect extension of your store’s integration mechanism.

Integration Usage Policy :

  • the offer is made available for integration at the request of the business partner (current or new) addressed to the sales manager of LEDIN Sp. z o.o. NS. k.,
  • providing data about products offered in the store is as simple as providing a web address (URL) to CSV and XLS files that enable periodic updating of information about products,
  • provided links should be imported to an external system (e.g. online store platform) in order to update the product database and inventory,
  • the maximum value of stock levels provided in CSV and XLS files is 200 units (pieces, meters, etc.). In the case of a valuation of more than 200 units, please contact the shop staff ,
  • the customer deciding to import the data obtains data on products, categories, stock levels and net and gross catalog prices,
  • integration does not include wholesale prices, add the discount granted to the given prices,
  • the obtained data may be used only by the recipient for the purpose of integrating the offer and cannot be made available to other entities,
  • LEDIN Sp. z o.o. NS. k. is not responsible for any irregularities resulting from incorrect integration of stocks,
  • offer files are made available automatically, so in case of any irregularities, please report them immediately to the address e-mail: