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August 31, 2021

Inquiry No. 01/21/11/2017

Ostrołęka, November 21, 2017

Inquiry no. 01/21/11/2017

Firma Ledin Sp. z o.o. s.k. invites you to submit a price offer in the procedure, the subject of which is the purchase of consulting services for the implementation of innovative products and the development of lighting logistics facilities at LEDIN.

Order completion date

The expected date of the commencement of the contract is 01/04/2018, and the maximum term of the contract is set at 33 months.

Specification of the subject of the contract:

CPV codes:

71241000-9 Feasibility studies, consulting services, analyzes

72221000-0 Business Analysis Consulting Services

79411100-9 Business development consultancy services

72220000-3 Systems and technical consultancy services

ATTENTION! Whenever an application for co-financing is mentioned, it should be understood as an application submitted by the Employer under the Smart Growth Operational Program, Priority Axis II; Support for the environment and potential of enterprises to conduct R & D & I activity, Measure 2.3; Pro-innovative services for enterprises, Division 2.3.1. Pro-innovative BEI services for SMEs – covered by the competition No. 1/2017.

The aim of the project is to purchase consulting services for the implementation of new lighting products developed by LEDIN on the European market. The products will be developed, inter alia, with the use of a research laboratory dedicated to carrying out research and development works, purchased as part of the RPO MAZ 1.2 project under the title “Professionalization and improvement of the quality of LED line® products by ensuring constant control”. The aim of the laboratory is to develop new and improved types of LED lighting that will stand out on the market with lighting properties, increased durability, the possibility of adapting to non-standard room layouts and eliminating the harmful effects on the health and well-being of people using lighting by improving photometric and electro-magnetic parameters.



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