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August 31, 2021


Color has a great influence on how a person feels. Green relaxes, yellow cheers up, red stimulates, blue soothes nerves. We can give the interior a character with an appropriate selection of colors.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created colorful LED line fittings ® DIORA RAL COLORS < / strong> intended for installation in system ceilings. It is the most innovative LED panel currently available on the market.

It has some unique advantages:

  • unique minimalist design
  • available in the entire range of RAL colors
  • above-average luminous efficiency of 150 lm / W
  • faithful color rendering CRI & gt; 80
  • long warranty period – 5 years

Particularly noteworthy are the parameters responsible for the lighting comfort, which affect the well-being:

  • no flicker effect, no harmful strobe effect, safety for the eyes
  • low glare – UGR & lt; 16, means no so-called glare effect when looking directly at the luminaire.

Color LED line panels ® DIORA RAL COLORS will illuminate and decorate the interiors of kindergartens, playrooms, children’s wards and other premises intended for children’s stay, as well as commercial interiors where the color of the luminaires can be adapted to the brand’s design.